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How To Remove Ink From Leather

Leather products are still highly regarded and often thought of as luxury products. For this reason, leather doesn't always come cheap, so maintenance is something of a big industry with a number of good (and not so good) products available on the cleaning market.

Caring for your leather products requires the right tools for the job and the right methods of application. In this article we look at how you can keep your leather looking great for years after purchase!

First of all you need to identify the damage to your material - is it a light biro ink or a thicker marker ink? The type of ink does not really matter but the weight of it can dictate how tough it is to remove. Obtain a damp cloth and use a moisturising soap, or saddle soap, to rub the affected area gently. Often, it is a good idea to test a hidden area with the product before applying it to the full item. This will determine if the leather has a negative reaction to the cleaning product (very rare, but it can happen).

Ink can get everywhere, especially if one of the kids has turned your sofa into their own personal canvas! Check all areas of your leather product for ink stains. By gently rubbing the affected area, you will notice the top surface of the ink stain is removed, but this will probably not be enough to provide a nice, like-new finish.

Specialist leather cleaning wipes like the ones on offer at Fantas-tak are ideal for polishing your leather after the initial cleaning process, designed to provide an excellent smooth finish. Other products such as baby wipes offer a similar finish but these are not designed specifically for leather usage and may contain chemicals which are harmful to some types of leather.

Removing ink from leather is reasonably easy due to the natural durability of leather as a material. For best results, take a look at our leather wipes, designed for removing ink and other marks from leather.