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Pens For Writing On Leather

If you need to write on leather to demarcate an area in need of repair, you should use leather writing pens rather than fabric markers. But not all leather markers are made alike. Learn why LeatherPen brand markers are the ideal choice for your hide projects.

Fits Perfectly in Your Hand

Unlike regular pens, which are so thin they tend to give your hand cramps, LeatherPen markers are made slightly thicker. This gives you a good, solid grip on the pen, allowing for precise marking and cramp-free writing.

Snug Caps Seal in Moisture

You can extend the life of your marker pen by replacing the cap snugly after each use. The caps on these leather writing pens snap on and off easily, allowing for quick removal when needed. Thus, you don't have to feel as though you need to leave the caps off for fast access to the ink.

Easy to Prime

Some markers require special priming techniques before finally flowing out onto the cloth. These leather writing pens only need a few sharp taps before flowing effortlessly onto the hide. Once the flow is started, you can start and stop your drawing as necessary. The pen will pick up seamlessly where you left off and continue a steady stream of ink until you finish drawing around the flaw.

Double-Duty Nibs

No one wants to buy pack after pack of leather writing pens just because they dried out or were used up quickly. With LeatherPen markers, you get the maximum amount of life out of each pen. Draw with the nib in its native position until you can no longer coax any more ink out of the tip. Then, pop the nib out, flip it around and put it back in. The other side will give you several more uses before you need to replace the nib. To replace it, pop it out as you did to reverse it, and then insert the new nib in its place. It's that simple!

Different Colors for Different Hides

One pen color doesn't match all hides. In fact, you don't want it to match at all. The whole objective in using leather writing pens is to make each flaw more visible. That's why LeatherPen offers markers in blue, green, brown and white. You never have to worry about the marker staining the leather, either. After the markings have served their purpose, take a dry cloth to wipe off the ink.