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leather pen range
Leather Pen Precision Marker

The leather marker pen by Fantas-tak is cleverly designed to mark leather, ideal for writing on leather upholsteries such as sofas, car seats and chairs. The pen provides an excellent quality mark, which is scratch-proof, easily removed and available in multiple colours.

bullet Precisely marks flaws, increases yield by improving nesting, making each hide more profitable.
bullet Quicker and easier to use than alternative methods.
bullet Easy to store.
bullet Scratch proof soft tipped pen.
bullet Quickly and effectively removed.
bullet Can be used to ID mark hides.
bullet Stock inventory reduced:
1 pen = 14 rolls of marker tape.
bullet Colours to suit all shades of hides.
bullet Bespoke colours available on request.
Leather marker tape

Have you ever experienced a problem with flaw marker tape adhesion? When carefully applied tape falls off during the production process, precious time is wasted re-applying the tape or flaws may be missed completely. Fantas-Tak have developed a marker tape with advanced adhesive qualities that ensures a superior performance.

bullet Easy to use with a unique hand tape dispenser.
bullet Superior adhesive qualities.
bullet Easily removed.
bullet Colours to suit all shades of hide.
leather marker tape dispense
Leather wipes
bullet Ideal for removing any final residue or ghosting that remains on the hide.
bullet Can be used to remove any dirt or stubborn, hard to clean marks from leather surfaces.
bullet Available in a range of sizes including jumbo tubs of 150 wipes.
leather wipes for cleaning leather

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