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The Best Pens to Mark Leather

If you're looking for the best pens to mark leather, but don't know how to find them, this guide will help you determine the qualities you should find in a leather pen. Leather-marking pens assist hide manufacturers who need to outline flaws in a piece of leather before it is used in a finished product, such as a jacket, seat cover or couch.

Smooth Flow

An ideal leather pen distributes an even flow as you mark around the area. Alternative products, like crayons or chalk, tend to catch on the leather and don't flow as freely as liquid does. Pens to mark leather should really just be an extension of your hand as you draw around the area the needs to be removed or fixed.

Highly Visible

The ink's visibility is of utmost importance when marking leather. You don't want to spend hours marking the leather only to go back and find that all your hard work is fading already. While the ink should certainly not be so strong as to leave a permanent residue, it should be vibrant enough that it is highly visible until you remove it yourself.


The best pens to mark leather should dry quickly. There's no reason a leather-marking pen shouldn't dry within one minute or less. Be sure that you don't touch the ink until it dries, however, or you might inadvertently smear it.

Easily Removable

Getting the ink off once you're finished with it is even more important than making it stay in the first place. Leather-marking pen ink should come off with leather pen wipes, and without a lot of effort on the part of the user.

Replaceable Tips

Marker pens don't last forever. But you don't necessarily have to buy a new package of pens once the nib dries out. With brands like the LeatherPen Precision Marker, you can take the nib out, flip it around and replace it to get several more uses out of it. When that end dries up, you can switch it out with a replaceable nib.

Color Options

One marker color does not fit all types of leather. For darker colors, a plain brown marker just won't work. Bright tints like blue and white are ideal for dark hides while green and brown work well on lighter leather.

The LeatherPen Precision Marker contains all of these features and more, and therefore is one of the best pens to mark leather that you'll ever find.